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  • General

    Hi-C Literature Circles
    Image of a worm with glasses reading a book

    Welcome to our 4th grade online literature circles! This Moodle will be a place to share thoughts about your novel and to respond to what other students have to say about the books they are reading. 

    Each topic box below contains an activity or assignment to c
    omplete. Topic box number one will be used each week throughout the year. Please work your way down the remaining topic boxes, completing each activity in order.

    Have fun and always have a good book to read!

  • Topic 1

    pencilReader Response Journals - weekly requirement

    Your Reader Response Journal (RRJ) will be a weekly assignment. Use the Reading Response Prompt sheet that is attached below if you need help getting started.

    1. Please update your journal by Thursday of each week.
    2. You may read and comment on what other people have posted after you have created your post for the week.

  • Topic 2

    Mystery Genre -Cartoon image of a detective

    We will be creating our very own online Mystery Genre webpages! Your webpage will be a place where you can highlight a mystery author, update us about your favorite mystery novel and even create a quiz to determine how much your classmates know about writing a good mystery story.

    1. Log on to
    2. Create a webpage (you will be saving your website in 'Hi-C 2010"
    3. Name your webpage: First name Hi-C 2010 (Sarah Hi-C 2010)
    4. Summarize the mystery novel you are reading
    5. Include an image of the novel
    6. Include information about the author (picture, other titles, link to website)
    7. A quiz for your "novel alike" group members.

  • Topic 3

    scrapbookCharacter Scrapbook
    Chose a main character from your novel and create a character scrapbook on Be creative and as always feel free to go back in the text and re-read (this might help you know your character even better)!

    1. Choose a main character
    2. Go to
    3. Complete the online Character Scrapbook activity
    4. Take a screen shot of your finished character
    5. Write a summary explaining your finished Scrapbook page
    6. Upload screen shot AND summary to the Character Forum

    Once you have uploaded your screen shot and summary to our Character Scrapbook Forum you can view your classmates characters and post a comment or question.
  • Topic 4

    Word Wizard Glossary
    A drawing of a wizard's hatEach day one person from your novel group will be assigned the role of Word Wizard. You will all beresponsible for updating our shared glossary. Please be sure that all definitions are written in your own words (kid friendly definitions).

    1. Choose 2-3 unknown or interesting words from your text.
    2. Input your words and definitions into our shared glossary.

    Be sure to use your best 4th grade skills to write an easy to understand definition of your word. We will all be able to comment on the definitions that are included in our glossary. Also, words from our glossary will be auto-linked to our forums. Each time you use a term from our glossary in a forum post the word will be displayed in color!

    Let's start expanding our vocabulary!

  • Topic 5

    Discussion Forum - Group of Kids
    novel groups
    Below you will find three different forums. Each forum asks you to respond to three questions. One question will have to do with the CHARACTERS in your novel, one question will have to do with the PLOT of your novel and the third question will ask you to make CONNECTIONS between your life and the story you are reading. Everyone will be replying to these prompts - no matter what novel you are reading you can participate!

    1. Complete your assigned reading for the week.

    2. Thoughtfully respond to each question in the forum.
    3. Respond to 2 other responses posted by classmates.
  • Topic 6

    PREZI - Your final task awaits . . . prezi for moodle
    Using the PREZI website create a timeline of the major events in your book.

    1. Download the Prezi Planning sheet (google doc)
    2. Complete your planning sheet
    3. Upload your planning sheet to our Prezi Planning Forum
    4. Go to Prezi website and start creating!

    Your Prezi must include:
    1. Title & author
    2. Statement of introduction
    3. Four to eight MAJOR events that summarize your novel
    4. Three or four images
    5. A concluding statement - don't give away the ending!