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  • Retail Unit: Think like an ENTREPRENEUR

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    This unit follows a lesson on the Types of Retailers.  It is designed to help students explore different types of stores that make up the retail industry while highlighting entrepreneurship. Throughout the unit students will reflect on what traits they currently have and skills/abilities they need to develop to become an entrepreneur.

    This unit is divided into five steps.  Each step will give an opening short paragraph and a set of tasks that are to be done to complete the step.  Under the directions are the resources to be used for each step.  The resources have icons with blue text.  Click on the blue text to open the resource.

    Let's get started by writing a class definition for the word "Entrepreneur."  Write your ideas in the retail forum, then respond to two posts of your peers.  We will then discuss the topic in class and create a class definition. Make sure you review the student notes and email your teacher with any questions you may have.  We will also review the requirements for the unit in class.

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  • Step 1: What do Entrepreneurs do for our economy?

    There are three activites you will complete to help answer the question, "What do entrepreneurs do to support our economy?" Complete the set of tasks you see below.  The resources you will use have icons with blue text.  Click on the blue text to open the resource.     fringed triangles,Pargee 

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     First, watch an animated, short video that explains the three vital contributions  entrepreneurs make to the economy.The video is from the Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship.

    Second, watch the video again and this time take notes. Then show your creativity by drawing a sketch that makes a connection with entrepreneurship. This can be done on paper  or a computer program like paint or Microsoft Office Publisher. Link your sketch to Moodle, hand drawings will need to be scanned then linked, see teacher for help.

    Third, participate in a class disscuion on "Will it Be You?"  Will you be an entrepreneur?  Watch the :30 commercial called "Will it Be You," found at  You may recognize it from the 2012 Superbowl.  After the class discussion go to Moodle and post your comments to the "Will it be You?" on line journal.

  • Step 2: Rate the Trait of Entrepreneurs

    For this activity you will rate the traits of entrepreneurs.  Think about entrepreneurs we have talked about in class and review the class bulletinboard on teenpreneurs.   Before you get started on the handout review the online glossary of definitions. You will find a few words to review; then be on the look out for new business vocabulary to define. Each student needs to contribute at least three terms to the online glossary before the marking period ends. Complete the set of tasks you see below.  The resources you will use have icons with blue text.   Click on the blue text to open the resource.

    Round One: On the attached handout rate twenty important traits for the successful entrepreneur using a three point ranking:  (1) not important , (2) somewhat important, (3) very important.

    Round Two: Watch video clips featuring four entrepreneurs and winners of the National Retail Federation contest: "This is Retail."  Now using a colored pencil go back to your Rate the Trait handout and make changes after hearing from four leading retailers. Submit this document in Moodle.

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  • Step 3: Book Study: "Who Owns the Ice House?"

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    As a class we will read the book "Who Owns the Ice House."   It's the story of an unlikely entrepreneur in the segregated South who overcomes multiple challenges by embracing an entrepreneurial mindset. It will make a great Book Study for the retail class, it is availabe in paperback and text-to-speech options. Working in three to four person groups students will assign roles and make a calendar of meeting times. There are three main parts to the Ice House Book Study. Complete the set of tasks you see below.  The resources you will use have icons with blue text.  Click on the blue text to open the resource.

    First, as students read each chapter they will fill in a Concept Map with eight life lessons, one per week based on the reading assignment.

    Second, after each chapter a review quiz will be posted in Moodle and must be taken before students start to read the next chapter.

    Third, each group will be responsible for a Charatcter Sketch on Uncle Cleve or Clifton.

  • Step 4: TEDTalks for Entrepreneurs

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    This activity involves watching clips from TEDTalks for entrepreneurs and reflecting on the topic.  Students may choose to review the TEDTalks with a peer and discuss the topic with someone but comments on the forum must be done independently. Complete the set of tasks you see below.  The resources you will use have icons with blue text.  Click on the blue text to open the resource. 

    Start by selecting five or more of the TEDTalks for Entrepreneurs listed on the handout.  There is a place at the bottom of the list to write in a different topic. 

    Then, watch the clips and reflect on the message...Does this view of business inspire you to take action, if so how?  Does listening to this conversation give you an idea, a question, or debate? If so, explain.

    Next, go to the Retail Student Moodle Forum and comment on at least one TEDTalks and respond back to the posts of two peers using Moodle Forum standards.

    Finish this activity by labeling the handout with the word "VIEW" by the TEDTalks you watched. Mark the TEDTalk you commented on with the word “Comment.” Mark the two TEDTalks you responded back to with the word “POST.”  Submit the finished document to Moodle.    

  • Step 5: Textbook Readings


    This section is made up of reading, research, teamwork, and note taking. Complete the set of tasks you see below. The resources you will use have icons with blue text.  Click on the blue text to open  the resource.

    First, read about Retail Ownership from the Retail Marketing Glencoe Marketing Series: pgs.36-42.                           

    Second, read about  Entrepreneurial Concepts in  Marketing Textbook from Glencoe: pgs. 606-616.

    As you read add new terms to the Moodle Retail Glossary and fill in the chart found on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Business Ownership handout. Finish the chart and submit to Moodle.