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    Program Name: Therapeutic Services - CIP Code: 51.000
    Segment(s) addressed:2- Course creator: Lisa Czarnik (Farmington)

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    Medical Skills 1 A

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    General Information:


    North Farmington High School

    Med Skills 1A

    Ms. Czarnik (Ms. C)

    Welcome to Med Skills 1A. This is a blended class designed to begin to prepare students for successful entry into the world of medical occupations. Assignments for this class will be available on-line for your viewing and downloading. Knowledge and competencies established in this class are essential to many jobs in the health care industry. Employability skills are very important in any medical career you may decide to go into. Therefore I expect you to conduct yourself, and present yourself, utilizing the following guidelines during each class and when posting to the dashboard.

    Sections Covered in this Course

    1. Health Care (HC) Services & the History of HC
    2. Communications
    3. Personal & Professional Qualities of the HC Worker
    4. Legal and Ethical Issues in HC
    5. Infection Control
    6. Vital Signs

    Instructional Methods

    This class incorporates diverse learning modalities including those aimed at visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile learners. Students are engaged in varied activities including team skills, self-evaluation, and effective oral and written, communication. Lectures, discussions, demonstrations, labs, projects, guest speakers, audio/visual methods, class projects, and articles will be included in classroom instruction.

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    I look forward to meeting you in class!!!

    Mrs. C.



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