Planning Your Flipped Classroom

Now that you've read the resources on flipping your classroom, it's time to think about how the concept of a flipped classroom might apply to your own classroom. Understandably, for most teachers, flipping your entire classroom in one go might be too much change. Therefore, this entire course focuses on the idea of a "partially flipped" classroom in which you upload some, but not all, resources online so that you can use the flipped model when you deem it instructionally appropriate.

We'll refer to your options with the somewhat ridiculous term, "flippage levels." How much flippage do you want in your classroom? Can you see yourself flipping your classroom for a good part of the year, or do you see yourself trying it out and seeing how your students respond? For our purposes, we'll talk about three flippage levels:

  • Level 1: You plan to place one (1) unit online. We'll define a unit as consisting of 6-10 lessons about a single overarching topic or concept.
  • Level 2: You plan to place two (2) units online.
  • Level 3: You plan to place three (3) or more units online.

Select the level at which you feel most comfortable. Then, type a brief paragraph explaining which flippage level you selected, and why you think that level is appropriate for you, your classroom, and your teaching style at this time.

Note: you must click "Edit My Submission" to get to the form where you can type your response.