Telling an Academic "Story"

You've viewed the video on the technology of storytelling, and have reviewed the suggested design principles for the web. You've also storyboarded your unit(s). Now take a step back, look at your planned layout, and write a 250-300 word response answering the following questions:

  • How do you plan to incorporate principles of web design into your online unit(s)? Provide a few specific examples.
  • When you look at your storyboard, what is the story you are telling in this unit? That is - what is the concept you are trying to get across to your students, and how are you logically guiding them through it? Looking at your storyboard, is there any place where the flow of information doesn't make sense, or does it flow logically from concept to concept?
  • How does the "story" you are telling to students change when you move it from a face-to-face format to an online format? Does anything change in terms of the flow of information, the visual presentation, etc? If nothing needs to change, why is the current structure of the unit appropriate for an online format?

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