Prep Your Unit(s)

Using your course storyboard from Module 2 as a guide, and the techniques you learned in this module, set up at least one (1) complete unit online by doing the following:

  1. Create a new blank course on Clatskanie's Moodle.
  2. Administer your course settings as shown in this module.
  3. Give titles to all topics (minimum) and include a brief description of each topic (suggested).
  4. Insert labels into each topic for major subsections of that topic.
  5. Add a block with your name and contact information.

Example: My unit is on American Gothic literature. I've divided it into five topics, one of which is on Edgar Allan Poe's use of symbolism. I plan to post three readings about Poe's use of symbolism, a link to his poem "The Raven," and a quiz. My labels will be "Materials to Read" and "Quiz to Complete."

Email me at when your unit is set up so I can review it and give you feedback.