2. Contact/Membership List

In this 2nd assignment you need to create a spreadsheet to support a contact list.  Often, when I worked for a Non-Profit in Vermont I had to send mass mailings or manage a phone list of our membership.  It was much easier to do with a knowledge of spreadsheets. 

For example, each column should represent a specific field of data that are linked together along the rows, for example First Name, Last Name, Company, Title, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Email, etc; i.e.:

First Name
Last Name
802 578 7422
Name 2
Name 3
Name 4

The following are required for full credit in this assignment:

  1. There must be more than one column and more than one row
  2. The spreadsheet must be propagated with contact information (even if it's fake)
  3. It must be evident that the spreadsheet could scale to include many items either by adding more column items or row items (or both)
  4. File must show experimentation in formatting (font, text style, cell color and cell border).
  5. File must show mastery of the Sort function (often shown as a A to Z button with up and/or down arrows on it). This will let you alphabetize your entries by last name or company name. 
  6. File must show mastery of resizing cell sizes (double clicking the line between rows and columns headers, along the top and side of the workspace is the easiest way to accomplish this).