4. Multiple sheets with references between sheets

In this assignment I'm looking for you to exhibit your knowledge of creating multiple, linked worksheets.  These will be highly valuable if you are gathering data for multiple areas of your business and pulling totals into one income/expense sheet.  For my wedding I create a spreadsheet that had two linked worksheets, one with the total wedding budget and another page with the rehearsal dinner budget.  The two sheets were linked in as much as the total from the rehearsal dinner was pulled automatically to the first page for a total budget.  Any changes made on the rehearsal dinner page were automatically reflected in the total on the main page. 

I don't have a visual example of this, so you'll have to play with your spreadsheet first to figure out how to add a worksheet to it (becareful in Excel and Calc as they often come with three sheets automatically), and then how to call the contents of one cell to another on a different worksheet (hint, it's similar to creating a formula). 

The following are required for full credit in this assignment:

  1. There must be more than one column and more than one row
  2. The spreadsheet must be propagated with contact information (even if it's fake)
  3. It must be evident that the spreadsheet could scale to include many items either by adding more column items or row items (or both)
  4. File must show experimentation in formatting (font, text style, cell color and cell border).
  5. File must show mastery of resizing cell sizes (double clicking the line between rows and columns headers, along the top and side of the workspace is the easiest way to accomplish this).   
  6. File must show mastery of linking the cells of different worksheets within one file. 
  7. File must show mastery of the basic formulas available.