Assignment 4 - Calgary Profile

Copy and Paste the table into the submission box and complete. If you would like to use Google docs, just copy and paste your document link (don't forget to make sure you have shared the document so that I have permission to open the document)

Your assignment is to build a "profile" of Calgary and area that includes the three types of attractions:

Natural (Think nature ... mountains, valleys, rivers, etc.)
Cultural (Think music, art, history ... music festivals, museums, art galleries, Fort Edmonton, etc.)
Commercial (Think fun stuff that someone built for you to visit ... swimming pools, aquarium, zoo, paintball, minigolf).

Your profile should include details such as:

- A map of the area
- A description of each attraction
- Which category it falls into (natural, cultural, commercial)
- The details of price, location, parking, etc.
- Photos

Calgary and Area includes the region approximately 50km surrounding Calgary. This means right up to the park gates in the direction of Banff, but not entering any national parks.

Your "Profile" can take the form of a video, a brochure, a report, etc. If you use Word there are a lot of nice newsletter templates to use, too.
Here is a sample from a student in the course who got a terrific mark. She presented it as a slideshow. Note that she broke it into the three categories, chose three examples for each, and then put in lots of details.
Click here:
Some links to free software if you don't have it:

Sample layout Ideas (pretty fancy, but you get the idea):


Marking Guide:
Completion (4 marks) Project looks finished and has a neat, carefully-planned appearance. Project looks finished. Project appears unfinished or partially complete.
Creativity (4 marks) Project shows an attention to layout and an obvious amount of extra effort to find terrific photos or illustrations. Project is attractive and includes photos. Project is not presented in a creative and colourful manner.
Content x2 (8 marks)

Total = 16
Project shows an understanding of the various types of attractions, and choices are well supported by details. Project shows examples of the three types of attractions in Calgary. Project does not show a variety of examples and requires more details.