Assignment 6 - Food Travels

Copy and Paste the table into the submission box and complete. If you would like to use Google docs, just copy and paste your document link (don't forget to make sure you have shared the document so that I have permission to open the document

You are going to explore the food sector by planning your meals on the Via Rail trip to Ottawa. You need to complete the chart below with food choices, restaurant names, as well as keep a budget of your money. You will have to because I'm only giving you $60.00! You cannot eat a $60.00 meal on Day one and then not eat for the other three days. You need to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner! I will buy you dinner in Edmonton (my treat! Where would you like to eat?).

Here is one local place:

... so even though dinner is on me, you still have to tell me what you ordered and how much it cost!!

Then, I will hand you the $60.00 when you get on the train. No advance shopping. :)
So, for the next three days after I buy you dinner, you are on your own to find food to eat!!

Three days .... breakfast ... lunch ... Dinner ....

The rules:

1. You MUST get off during stops and find a local place to eat something, at least once.

2. You may shop at a convenience store during a stop and pick up some groceries, instead of a meal.
.... you need to eat a proper "meal" once a day, no living on potato chips.

3. You MUST eat on the train from one of the menus below at least ONCE on the trip.
Via Rail Food Prices listed in links below.

Take Out Snacks
Breakfast Menu
Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu

Bon appetite!

VIA RAIL FOOD LOG Stop or No Stop? Food Consumed Price $ Which food sector biz?
Day One
Train leaves Edmonton
at 11:45pm. Dinner Edmonton, AB What did you eat? My treat
Snack No stop
Day Two Breakfast Saskatoon, SK 30min.
Lunch No stop
Dinner Winnipeg, MB 3hr
Snack No stop
Day Three Breakfast Sioux Lookout, ON - 1hr
Lunch No stop
Dinner Hornepayne, ON - 45min
Snack No stop
Day Four Breakfast Toronto, ON - 2hr
Lunch No stop
Dinner Ottawa, ON!

Marking Guide:

Completion (4 marks) Project is finished and is essentially error free. Project is finished and does not contain many errors. Project appears unfinished and/or contains several errors.
Creativity (4 marks) Project shows extra effort to find yummy food choices and creative ways of achieving the goals of the activity. Project has a variety of choices for food. Project does not offer much in the way of creativity.
Content x 2 (8 marks)

Total = /16
Project shows an accurate, responsible portrayal of the food needs while travelling, and detailed research is given for food locations along the way. Project shows a portrayal of the food needs while travelling, and some research is given for food locations along the way. Project does not show enough research on the subject and requires more details, and /or the daily nutritional requirements for food choices have not been met.