Assignment 7 - Capital Tour

Copy and Paste the table into the submission box and complete. If you would like to use Google docs, just copy and paste your document link (don't forget to make sure you have shared the document so that I have permission to open the document)

Your job is to create a poster that gives tourists a little overview of what our Parliament Building(s) are all about.

You should have:

1. Photos
2. Descriptive paragraphs (2-3 sentences) with the photos
3. A map showing the layout of the building AND where they are located in Ottawa

This project can be a collage in Word, a powerpoint presentation, etc..

Marking Guide:

Completion (4 marks) Project is finished and is essentially error free. Project is finished and does not contain many errors. Project appears unfinished and/or contains several errors.
Creativity (4 marks) Project shows extra effort to find terrific photos that are specific to the descriptions. Obviousl attention has been paid to creating an appealing layout. Project has a variety of photos that are on-topic and some ttention has been paid to layout. Project does not have an attention to the layout of the poster and/or the photos are not appropriate.
Content x 2 (8 marks)

Total = /16
Project shows an accurate, interesting description of the key parts of the parliament grounds. Project shows a general overview of the Parliament grounds. Project does not show enough research on the subject and requires more details.