Assignment 15 - Travel Agency Investigation

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Travel Agent Visit

Visit a local travel agent. There are a lot of local places you can find in the phone book, or in any shopping mall!
You need to explain the following problem to them.

How can I get from Vancouver, BC to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I need to arrive in Puerto Vallarta on a cruise ship. I can fly for part of it. I will not be travelling home.

What you need to present to me is the results of your research. What did they tell you? Did they give you any paper materials like posters and brochures? Put together a little package of materials that you will scan/photograph/mail in. You can also film a little video on yoru camera or cell phone with the details (holding up the brochures like the gal in the video did).

I will also expect to see the details of the trip. How much money will it cost? What are the travel details?

This is not a major project but rather an overview of the travel details getting you from here to there. You may want to look at the assignment in the next tab on "Cruises" as the travel agent might be able to help with that, too.

Agency Ideas:

Alberta Motor Association (AMA Travel)
Trek Escapes Travel Agency

Marking Guide:

Completion (4 marks) Project looks finished and has a neat, carefully-planned appearance. Project looks finished. Project appears unfinished or partially complete.
Creativity (4 marks) Project shows an attention to layout and an obvious amount of extra effort to find terrific photos or illustrations. Project is attractive and includes photos. Project is not presented in a creative and colourful manner.
Content x2 (8 marks)

Total: 16 marks
Project shows a detailed overview of the travel plans to Mexico, with a focus on the travel agent's role in arranging it. Project shows an overview of the travel plans to Mexico, and mentions the travel agency. Project requires more details and/or the travel agency piece was not included.