Assignment 18 - My Journey Home

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It's time to get home. You are in sunny and beautiful Puerto Vallarta. You need to choose a vehicle (car, minivan, motorcycle, etc.) and make your way across Mexico and the U.S.A. until you are home again in Alberta.

Choose FIVE different kinds of accommodations to sleep in along your journey home. You can do MORE than five different kinds of accommodations if you like, but you must choose an actual paying property and not sleeping in your car, etc. You are on a budget of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS . You don't have to use this for anything other than the accommodations. Your food and gas etc. is all covered by me.

Example of accommodations:

Day One ... Best Western Hotel: Tijuana, Mexico
Day Two ... Las Vegas Campground (don't worry about your camping supplies)
Day Three ... Dude Ranch in Wyoming

Because you are driving, you will need to take into account how far you can reasonably expect to get in one day's travel.

** 8-10 hours is the most you should safely be driving in a single day. That means around 800km is the most you should travel on the map! The trip can only take you 10 days MAX! Luckily, it shouldn't take you that long to drive it and you can stay for an extra night or two in some place special if you like.


Day One: Puerto Vallarta to Culiacan, Mexico (8 hours of driving!)
Day Two: Culiacan, Mexico to Hermosillo, Mexico (8 hours)

Once you measure 8 hours of driving (800km) you need to find a place to sleep. The Mexico part will take a lot longer to get through because their roads are smaller and there area lot of mountains slowing you down. Once you get to the United States you can always take the huge Interstate Highways (6 lanes!) and make better time.

REMEMBER ... All I care about is that you are home in 10 days and don't go over your budget. Find interesting wonderful places to stay. Enjoy yourself!

Here are some maps if you need them. Feel free to get maps from a tourist information centres like the A.M.A. or the internet. (Scroll Down until you see highways)

Complete the following for your journey home:

1. A highway map plotting your trip route. You should have a coloured line along the trip route, and little dots indicating where you stopped for the night.

2. A journal of where you stayed every night. Your journal entry each day should be the details of the real world place you chose (research!), the cost, and what guest services they offered there. Here is a sample entry:

Best Western
Photo from:
DAY ONE: Saturday, November 5

I arrived in Phoenix, Arizona tonight and boy was it hot! I travelled 672 kms today. The weather here is 35 degrees! I chose the Best Western Pheonix because it was air conditioned and it had a pool. It cost me $125.00. I only have $875 left!

Here is a link:

STEP ONE: Use this chart as a planner for your journal:

Arrived At How many kms travelled How much money is left? Where did you stay? Why? How was it?


Your journal can be:

- online in a "blog" like
- In a Word document
- Done as a slideshow (powerpoint?)
- anything you like!

STEP THREE: Submit travel map and journal to me!


Marking Guide:

Completion (4 marks) Project looks finished and has a neat, carefully-planned appearance. Project looks finished. Project appears unfinished or partially complete.
Creativity x2 (8 marks) Project shows an attention to layout and an obvious amount of extra effort to find terrific photos or illustrations. Project is attractive and includes photos. Project is not presented in a creative and colourful manner.
Content x3 (12 marks)

Total = 24 marks
Project shows a detailed overview of the 10 day travel adventure with a highlight on the nightly accommodation. Choices are varied and well researched. Project shows a general overview of the 10 day travel adventure. The minimum requirement of 5 choices has been met. Project requires more details and/or the 5 different types requirement was not met.

Move on to Final Stop: Welcome home!!