Assignment 20 - Course Questionnaire

Copy and Paste the table into the submission box and complete. If you would like to use Google docs, just copy and paste your document link (don't forget to make sure you have shared the document so that I have permission to open the document)

Please answer as completely and honestly as possible. I need details!

Question Answer
1. What was the best part of this course? What was your favourite assignment? Why?
2. What part was your least favourite? Why?
3. Were the "time stamps" pretty accurate? Was the time I said it would take to do a unit pretty close?
4. Did you understand how assignments were going to be marked?
5. What sort of software do you have on your computer? Do you have Office (Word, Powerpoint, etc)?
6. Would you take another tourism course (Level Two, high school, etc.) if there was one offered, or was this enough?
7. Did you contact a real live person for any of the assignments? Were you ok doing it?
8. Why did you take this course? Where did you hear about it?
9. How did you complete the course, all at once or a little each week?
10. Would you attend a fieldtrip to a tourist destination to look behind the scenes at it, if one was offered?