Teaching Discovering Plate Boundaries

1. Understanding the SCoPE Unit

Understanding the SCoPE Unit

The activity you will be exploring in this workshop is used to begin Unit 6 in the Earth System Science course, or Unit 4 in the 6th grade SCoPE. To begin, open the document Unit 4 – Plate Tectonics or Unit 6 Analyzing Plate Tectonics to become familiar with the unit objectives and structure. You can find these units in one of two ways.

  1. If you work in a public Oakland County school district, and they have provided you with access to the Atlas-Rubicon Curriculum tool, use your log in and password to access the unit from this website: http://oaklandk12.rubiconatlas.org. Navigate to the course and unit that best serves your teaching assignment. 
  2. If you do not have an account you can access SCoPE through the public site (http://oaklandk12.rubiconatlas.org/public). Navigate to the course and unit that best serves your teaching assignment.

Your Task: Navigate into the Atlas Rubicon web portal and record notes in your Learning Log on how you navigated the site. Click here to access a PDF providing step by step directions for using Atlas and SCoPE or view the video below, or use both.

Note: This entry will follow the Objectives you entered earlier.

Click on the arrow under the video to start it.

NOTE: If you are already competent in this skill because you took another workshop or have had district training, you may skip this portion of the workshop. Please make a note about your competence in the Learning Log.

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