Destination: #2 ... Amazing Race Argyll!

Ottawa is the capital city of our country and so there are a lot of world class things to do. In this adventure you will be arriving in Ottawa by train ... "Canada's Train" ... Via Rail. Along the way, you will be learning about the food sector and how people plan for their meals on a trip. Good luck!

The Nation's capital is your destination, but you aren't going there yet!

First ... You need to board a Via Rail TRAIN!

Photos from Spasiuk Family (thank you!)

But sorry ... it doesn't leave from Calgary. How are you getting on it?

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#5 Train Research

People need to eat.

When you are travelling, unless you are staying in a fancy resort where everything is provided for you, you need to find (and pay for) your own food. A lot will depend on the kind of vacation you are having. Flying on an airplane is different from camping for a week in Banff National Park.

Here are some questions to think about:

1. Am I going to be cooking my own food?
2. Are there places to BUY food if I need to cook? Will I bring my own groceries?
3. Does the place I'm staying at have a restaurant?
4. How much money will eating out for EVERY meal cost?
5. Is the food there something I CAN eat? Is it safe? (Mexico? A remote fishing village? ...)

Those five questions are pretty important because you can't just decide not to eat. At least not for very long.

Knowing that people have to eat has created an entire sector in the tourism industry. The Food Sector. The food sector is basically the businesses which offer things to eat or drink.

Here are some examples of the food sector:

Starbucks (coffee)
Safeway (groceries)
Booster Juice (drinks)
McDonalds (Hamburgers)
Edo (Japanese Food)
Subway (sandwiches)
Dairy Queen (ice cream)

Think of all the people working in those restaurants.

... and someone has to BAKE the buns to put on a McDonald's hamburger and someone else works in the pickle factory. A semi truck driver gets paid to deliver it to the back entrance of the restaurant. There are tons of businesses which get their money just because you walked in and ordered a hamburger while on your vacation.

#6 Food Travels

Ottawa is known as the "Nation's Capital". It is where our Parliament meets and makes the laws for Canada.

#7 Capital Tour

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