Destination: #4 ... Amazing Race Argyll!

For this course, we are focusing on North America. The farthest country we can visit is Mexico. You are leaving Canada and need to think of more things that just which flight to catch. For this destination, you are on a cruise ship and will start off by investigating what a travel agent does.

Good luck!

So far on your adventures, you have had to do a lot of things on your own. You booked your flights, and found out about cheaper deals by yourself. This is how most people book their travel, especially when they are doing something relatively easy like booking a single flight, or staying overnight in a nearby city.

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The Travel Sector is the business of helping people travel.

Travel Agents are people who take care of booking travel when it is a little more complicated, or when people don't want the headache of booking their holiday plans themselves. Travel agencies are businesses who specialize in taking care of travel planning. They are the "experts".

... These are just some of the reasons people choose to work with a travel agent.

#15 Travel Agency Investigaton

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For this part of your journey you will be learning about the employment opportunities that are available working in a resort. In this case, it's a big FLOATING resort called a cruise ship. A cruise ship is really like a big floating city. There are restaurants of all kinds (banquet rooms, coffee shops, bars, etc.), hotel rooms and all kinds of different attractions (pools, live music, hair salons, spa, video arcades, fitness centre, movie theatre, art classes ... and on and on ...). There are also the people who run the ship called the "crew".

People choose cruises for two main reasons:

1. It's a carefree trip. There are no planes to catch, cars to rent, money to exchange, etc. You arrive on the ship and it's an all expense paid vacation with no worries. Every morning you just wake up ... and you are in a new and exciting place.

2. You are treated like royalty. Resorts are famous for their customer service. People rave that the employees who work on cruise ships bend over backwards to please them. Cruises (and any other resort) are expensive, and people expect for their money to buy them a wonderful "first class" vacation.

Those two reasons mean that cruise ships are not only terrific places to visit ... they are terrific places to WORK.

Here are some promo videos from cruise ship companies offering the glamorous life of working on a cruise ship. If the video doesn't play just click link below.

#16 Floating Jobs

This destination has been a lot of work! You will have a small assignment to do for the city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. When a cruise ship arrives at a new port, they offer their guests the opportunity to "disembark" or get off the ship and tour around the new town.

#17 Cruise Director

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