A Discussion About Discussions

A Discussion About Discussions
Thursday, 1 August 2013, 2:54 PM

The assignment

Let's use this discussion forum to build our own bank of tips on facilitating online discussions. You'll have two tasks:

  1. Reply to this original topic answering the following question: What's the number one tip you would share with other educators for leading effective online discussions? You can pull from the tips in the articles if you like, or you can think about something you've done in a face-to-face classroom that would work well in an online environment. Either way, please explain why you think this tip is effective and give an example of how you've used it successfully in the past, or - if you haven't yet used it but plan to try it - why you think it might work for you online.
  2. Reply to one other person's posting and state whether or not you have ever used their suggested tip in your own face-to-face classroom. If you have done something similar, how did it go? If you haven't tried something similar, how do you think that tip would apply to the unit you are placing online?

Want examples?

See the first and second replies below, under my name (Amy Alexander), for examples of what I would consider to be a solid reply. Notice that they don't have to be very long.

A reminder about expectations and netiqutte

  1. Use specific examples in your posts from your own experience as a teacher.
  2. Make your reponses concise yet courteous.
  3. Spellcheck and proofread your reply before posting it.