In this module, we'll take a look at some principles and examples of strong online course design. There are theoretical components that should influence the design of your course, such as making sure your objectives are clearly stated. However, the visual component is just as important. If students can't follow the way your course is visually organized, they are probably not going to engage as easily even if your lessons and assignments are amazing. That's one thing you'll notice in all of the examples: the courses are clearly laid out from a visual perspective, so just at a glance you can follow what the course is about.

I've also included some resources from that are suggested lists of teaching dos and don'ts. As both of them are rather long, don't feel you have to read every word, but please do skim through them to see what you think. Some of them are great technical tips specific to Moodle that will help you in designing a student-friendly course. These tips are just meant to serve as a guide - one more resource to help you on your way as you begin the exciting process of flipping your classroom.
Last modified: Thursday, 22 December 2011, 3:19 PM