Your course unit(s) may already be logically organized in such a way that all you have to do is place the materials online. However, you may find that in translating course material online, you need to reorganize it to make logical sense to a reader.

The idea of storyboarding your course or course unit just means writing down all of the major concepts, resources, assignments, and sections or topics that are included in your unit on either cards or sticky notes, then physically organizing them so they make sense together. I took the idea from the concept of card sorting, which is a method web designers sometimes use to solicit user input on the flow of a web site.

I used storyboarding to organize the material for this course and found it extremely helpful. Here's how my adventure in storyboarding went:

I started with a pad of sticky notes (pink, of course) and a pen.

I wrote down the concepts, assessments, and resources I wanted to use, noting what type of content it was at the top of each sticky note.

I ended up with a big pile of sticky notes sorted into messy piles on my even messier desk.

I began laying out the sticky notes on an extremely large pad of paper, organizing them in columns by concept.

The resulting storyboard made it easy to outline my curriculum.
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