If you can't access the video or simply prefer written instructions, here are some basic editing techniques and tips:

Getting started

  1. To begin editing your course at any time, you must be logged in. Click the "Turn editing on" button near the top right of your screen.
  2. To edit any section, click the little edit (pencil) icon.
  3. Please note that to edit the overall course information, you must click the little edit (pencil) icon that is located right beneath the words "Topic Outline."

topic outline

Editing a topic

  1. Click "Turn editing on."
  2. Near the top of each topic section, you'll see a little pencil icon.
  3. Click this pencil icon to edit the overall topic. Normally, you would add the title of the section or topic, and possibly a little blurb about what it covers.

Adding labels

Labels are useful organizers for your course materials and activities. An example of a label would be text that says "Course Materials - Read these first."

  1. Click "Turn editing on."
  2. Under the appropriate topic section, you'll see a drop down that says "Add a resource."
  3. Use that drop down to select "Insert a label."
  4. Try something obvious or descriptive such as "Lesson Materials to Read and View" or "In this section, you'll find lectures about..."
  5. Leave visibility at Show.
  6. Click "Save and return to course."

Moving labels and other resources around

  1. Click "Turn editing on."
  2. For any label, resource, or quiz, you can move it up or down by holding and dragging the little green plus sign.
  3. You can move right or left by clicking the arrows.
  4. You can hide something from view by clicking on the eyeball.
  5. You can delete something by clicking on the red X.

Last modified: Monday, 19 December 2011, 2:39 PM