If you can't access the video or simply prefer text instructions, here is how to link to a file or web site:

The process for uploading a file (PDF, Word document, spreadsheet, powerpoint, audio file, video file) and the process for linking to an external web page (such as www.google.com) are nearly identical.

1. In the desired topic area, go to the "Add a resource" dropdown menu.

2. Choose "Link to a File or Web site."


3. Name your link (I try to do something that is really obvious, such as "CNN web site" or "Lecture Material: Edgar Allan Poe's Use of Symbolism.") Fill in the summary (optional).


4. This is the only place the instructions vary:

For an external web site (Google, CNN, anything outside your own course you are creating), paste the entire URL into the location field.

For a file, click "Choose or upload a file." Browse to the file on your computer and select it.


Don't forget to save your changes.

Last modified: Monday, 19 December 2011, 2:09 PM