If you can't access the video or simply prefer written instructions, here's how to create a forum (discussion) topic in Moodle:

1. Under "Add an activity," choose "Forum."

add forum

2. Enter the forum name, type, and an introduction where you describe the discussion topic or question.


Note: the four types of forums are (definitions taken from Moodle Help files):

A single simple discussion - is just a single topic, all on one page. Useful for short, focussed discussions.

Standard forum for general use - is an open forum where any one can start a new topic at any time. This is the best general-purpose forum.

Each person posts one discussion - Each person can post exactly one new discussion topic (everyone can reply to them though). This is useful when you want each student to start a discussion about, say, their reflections on the week's topic, and everyone else responds to these.

Q And A Forum - The Q & A forum requires students to post their perspectives before viewing other students' postings. After the initial posting, students can view and respond to others' postings. This feature allows equal initial posting opportunity among all students, thus encouraging original and independent thinking.

3. Note: you can leave the "post threshold for blocking" on "Don't block." This has nothing to do with moderating inappropriate posts; it's just a way to limit students to a certain number of posts. You're welcome to use it if you would like, but it is not required.


4. Once you save your forum, the page students access will look something like this, with a link to reply to your question or discussion topic:


5. Each reply, in turn, will have its own link to reply to that student's specific post:


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