If you can't access the video or simply prefer written instructions, here they are. I used screen shots from my setup of the quiz at the end of this module.

The basic steps are:
  1. Give your quiz a title and introduction
  2. Determine when the quiz will be available
  3. Determine how many quiz attempts you'll allow
  4. Set visibility and timing for giving feedback to students


1. Give your quiz a title in the "Name" field a brief description in the Introduction. (although optional, the Introduction is a nice way to introduce students to your quiz)


2. Under "Timing," determine if the quiz is available only on certain dates, and whether you'll force a time delay between multiple test attempts.


3. Under "Display," set options for viewing and shuffling questions.


4. Under "Attempts," determine if you will allow 1, more than 1, or unlimited attempts. You can read all about Adaptive Mode by clicking the little question mark next to it, but essentially, Adaptive Mode allows the questions to be adapted to the students' responses.


5. Determine a grading method (highest grade? average of the grades on each attempt?) and how to display grades.


6. Set the visibility and timing for giving feedback to students. Please note that if you are allowing multiple attempts, you may not want to display the answers to students right after the attempt or they'll just memorize the answers for their second attempt.


7. Under "Security" determine if you want to force a password to be entered, use a secure window, etc to ensure test integrity. Quizzes may also be assigned only to certain groups.

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