If you can't access the video or simply prefer written instructions, here are steps to add three types of questions to a Moodle quiz. I chose three that I believe are common and easy to add. There are several other types of questions not covered in this module. Click a link below to go straight to that section of this page.

General Setup

Always begin by going into Edit mode within your quiz. (Click quiz name, then click Edit.)


When you create your first quiz, you will not have any questions to choose from within the question bank. As soon as you create your first question, however, it will populate your question bank and be saved for future use. This is great, as you can use the same question within multiple quizzes.

question bank

To create any new question, use the drop-down menu under "Create new question."


Always begin by entering a question name and question text. I like to make my question name a shorter or nearly identical version of the question itself, because it makes it much easier to identify the question later in the question bank. ("Question 1" is not very clear and then you will spend a lot of time clicking on questions to try and remember what they were asking.)


You'll also want to determine the default point amount for the question in "Default question grade," and the "penalty factor" ranging from 0 (no penalty if they get it wrong) to 1 (full value of the question is deducted if they get it wrong).


Multiple Choice Questions

Screen shots from Multiple Choice question setup are shown below. Key things to decide:
  • How many answers are correct? (Just 1? 3 out of 4 choices?)
  • How much is each correct answer worth? (expressed as a percentage)
  • Do you want to shuffle the choices?
  • What kind of feedback (automated response) if any will you display to the student when they select that question?
Answer settings:

Filling in an incorrect answer:

Filling in a correct answer:


Matching Questions

Screen shots from the setup of a Matching Question are shown below. You simply have to setup each correctly matched pair, and you can add blanks for as many pairs as you would like. Think of the "Question" and "Answer" fields as column A and B.


Essay Questions

Essay questions can be long essays, but they may also be what we think of as short essay or even "short answer." When I think of short answer, I think of answers consisting of 2-3 sentences. Moodle's version of short answer is more similar to fill-in-the-blank. So, even very short questions may fall under this category.

Essay questions are extremely simple to set up. Just type the question prompt into the "Question text" area and save. Notice that you have the ability to insert images or links into your essay prompt as well. (Actually, you can do this within the text of ANY question.)

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