These projects are designed to give the novice spreadsheet designer some experience in creating the various common uses of spreadsheet programs. For each we provide some data sets to use as you create you sample spreadsheets, but don't feel as if you can't create a useful spreadsheet document using data of your own.

Additionally you'll find sample templates which can be saved to your computer as you work to implement good spreadsheet practices at your own job, please don't hesitate to use these (but also don't hesitate to make your own!).

Project List:

1. Task/To do list - This is a basic spreadsheet where you'll be come familiar with organizing data into columns and rows.

2. Contact/Membership List - This basic spreadsheet is very valuable for businesses tracking membership information, addresses, phone numbers and notes.

3. Time Sheets - Another common use, time sheets will be the first spreadsheet where we incorporate formulas and auto-calculations.

4. Multiple Sheets with references between sheets - This spreadsheet project will link existing worksheets together in order to create "live", adjustable and instantly updated cell values.

5. Dynamic Accounting Sheets (Assets and Liabilities) - This final, cumulative project will link spreadsheets together in order to provide an adjustable measure of income and expenses or assets and liabilities. Whether you utilize it to calculate and track your personal budget or businesses finances, it will be a worthwhile exercise in accounting.

In each Project you'll be provided with instructions, a sample file to view when getting started and a place to upload the file for review once finished. If you have any problems working through the project please contact the course facilitator (information is available on the main page of the course).

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