Objectives and Overview

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The Objectives for this online learning resource are:

  1. Participants will understand how the activity “Discovering Plate Boundaries” fits into the Oakland Schools Scope curriculum and the role it can play in a unit learning cycle that addresses the topic of Plate Tectonics.
  2. Participants will understand the evidence that lead geophysicist to develop the plate tectonic theory.
  3. Participants will understand how to resource and implement the activity “Discovering Plate Boundaries” in the classes.
  4. Participants will understand the critical role of teacher facilitation of student discourse in this activity.

You will need:

In this workshop, participants will follow instructions through four parts and produce a Learning Log with reflections on topics and questions. At the end of the workshop, participants are required to submit their Learning Log for approval, upon which they will receive credit for the workshop. The Plate Tectonics Forum is where participants can post ideas, questions and challenges. While there is not an official moderator committed to interact with participants, other participants may provide responses.


1. Understanding the SCoPE Unit

1.1 Understanding the SCoPE Unit - the 5-E Learning Cycle

2. Review the Science of Plate Tectonics Resource

3. Implementing Discovering Plate Boundaries – Task 1: Getting Ready

3.1 Implementing Discovering Plate Boundaries – Task 2: The Teachers Role

3.2 TALK MOVES (Facilitating Discourse) and Video Analysis Worksheet for Discovering Plate Boundaries

4. Group Presentations and Assessments

5. The End

Blue text is a link to something and should be clicked on. For example, you will often be asked to note something in your Learning Log and Learning Log will be blue meaning that you should click on it to go to the Learning Log.

You will move from one page to another by either clicking on the menu item on the left side of the screen or the arrows on the bottom.

Your Task:
Initiate your Learning Log by doing the following.

  1. Highlight and copy the Objectives (stated above),
  2. Open the Learning Log by clicking on the phrase "Learning Log".
  3. Paste the Objectives into your Learning Log.
  4. After pasting the Objectives into your Learning Log go to Teaching Discovering Plate Boundaries and click on 1. Understanding the SCoPE Unit.

If you have technical difficulties contact the Oakland Schools Help Desk at 248-209-2060.

When you have finished everything click on Click here when you are finished.

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