A saddle-lite. wink

In our previous topic, we learned how people navigate using the stars. In this topic, let's learn about black holes, where stars come from, and what stars are made of.

Let's learn a little about what stars are.

Please download this NASA poster that shows where stars come from, and where they go. Our sun is our closest and most familiar star. It is a yellow dwarf star. In about 7 billion years it will become a red giant star and then eventually collapse into a white dwarf.

Now watch this video about black holes. After the video, take the journey to a black hole that is offered. You will get to travel through our solar system and get the chance to fall into a black hole.

I hope you had fun falling into black holes? Did you have to try it more than once like I did?

On the Google Apps site you created for journaling in this course, please tell me what you now know about stars.

    • Create a new journal entry titled: Stars:
    • In a paragraph or two, please answer the following questions:
      • What kinds of stars are their in our galaxy?
      • What is a black hole?
      • How do stars form?
      • What kind of star is our sun, and why is the sun so important to us?

Find out what the night skies will look like tonight by visiting - The Hubble Astronomy Site.

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