Hi! Now is the time to show what you know. In Google Apps, PowerPoint, or Keynote, create a presentation with 5 - 7 slides that shows what you have learned about space. Each slide should contain important facts about our solar system, or objects found in space. These may be things covered in this course, or additional information not covered by this course. Topics may include, planets, stars, satellites . . . You may choose to focus on one planet in depth, or cover multiple planets in your presentation. Think in terms of creating a travel brochure using this document as a guide. You may use the notes you took earlier in the course to create these slides.

You may include photos and or clip art, or drawings of your own creation. Please follow school rules regarding copyrighted materials and make sure your presentation represents your own work. Check with me or the technology teacher for guidelines if you are not sure.

Once you create your presentation, you will need to save the slides in jpeg format. Once your slides are in jpeg, you are ready for your next step.

I can't wait to see your presentations!

Last modified: Tuesday, 10 May 2011, 3:10 PM