Well, I hope you have enjoyed your journey through space. For you final reflection, please take a tour of your classmates websites. While you are certainly welcome to look at all 48 of them, you are only required to look at 5 or 6 different sites.

On the Google Apps site you created for journaling in this course, please
  • Create a new journal entry titled: My journey through space:
  • In a paragraph or two, please answer the following questions:
    • What did you learn on this journey that you did not already know?
    • What were the most interesting parts for you?
    • What do you think of the work the other students in class did?
    • Whose site most impressed you?
    • What might you do differently next time?
    • What could I do to improve this course?
Thanks for all of your hard work, and I hope you enjoy your time back on earth after spending some time out in our wonderful universe.
Last modified: Tuesday, 10 May 2011, 3:11 PM