The link below provides information from the Microsoft website about how to turn on and access the on-screen keyboard internal to the Microsoft Office software. Their support information is very helpful and easy to understand. When following these directions, you can activate the on-screen keyboard using either the mouse OR with key strokes on the keyboard.
Note: Notes: * The program in which you want to type characters must be active while you are using On–Screen Keyboard. * The accessibility tools in the Windows operating system are intended to provide a minimum level of functionality for users with special needs. Most users with disabilities will need utility programs with more advanced functionality for daily use.

If you are unable to access Microsoft Word, Accessories/Accessibility option to get to the On-Screen keyboard, you can download a FREE on-screen keyboard from Origin Instruments to test out.
Windows users download the SoftType keyboard, which is a fully operational version that will operate for 20 minute segments of time before turning off.
Macintosh users will download the Keystroke program, which is a fully operational version that will run for 15 consecutive days.
The online directions are very good and very simple to follow.

***You should have an on-screen keyboard available to you before moving on to the REFLECTION activity.
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