Word Banks

A word bank is an electronic word wall. A word wall is a literacy tool composed of collections of words, which are displayed in the classroom for students. They are designed to be interactive and are organized and displayed in many ways. Many curriculum areas use word banks, as they are known to foster phonemic awareness, support vocabulary development and assist with writing.

The Word Bank in this Clicker 5 grid, offer word prompts, spelling and suggestion about what should be written in the text body.

word bank

This Clicker 5 grid (Crick software) allows the student to use sentence starters to complete a book report and individual word banks can be accessed through the buttons on the right. Each grid is custom created, so the content can be customized to the level and need of the student.

Clicker Phrases

Pix Writer provides picture support to writers needing additional cues about content and language. This is another form of a word bank.

Pix Writer

Writing Template

A writing template is a stencil, pattern or overlay used to help with writing. Typically, the “set-up” areas for writing or information are established and generic information or blanks are replaced by the users own information. Storyboard, cause-effect web, concept mapping, Venn diagram, flow chart are the names of just a few common writing templates.

This is a generic writing template appropriate for the young or struggling writer. It can be customized to meet a variety of needs.

SOLO elementary

A generic template for the advanced writer to provide support for important components.


This template provides the necessary framework and prompts to complete the assignment.


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