Switch to "mymobile" theme on your course

From: John Stabinger
Requires: Moodle 2.x

myMobile is a theme for Moodle 2+ that is customized and optimized for smart phones and tablets. It is based on jquerymobile. For a device support grid, please visit the jquerymobile website (http://jquerymobile.com/). 

This theme has been tested most thoroughly on IOS devices, including iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4 and iPad. IOS 4+ is highly recommended. Also tested on Android 2.1+. Desktop browser support includes Chrome 10+, safari, Firefox 4+ and Internet Explorer 9. 

What this is: 
This is a complex theme designed to provide a ui-enhanced mobile-ready version of your moodle2 install to students and teachers. It supports a basic student/teacher scenario: usage of standard moodle2 activities and assignments, as well as access to calendar, messages, blocks and resources. 

This theme attempts to display your standard moodle course content in a mobile friendly format. You can assist in this process by making your moodle install more mobile friendly by:

  1. making sure theme designer mode is turned off and that language cache is turned on.
  2. Avoid placing large images and video directly on the front of course pages. Instead, link to images and video via activities, resources and pages.
  3. using .mp4 for audio/video or the youtube embedder (youtube embedder seems to be the best cross-browser solution at the moment).
  4. making sure your mobile device’s OS is up to date.
  5. using the latest weekly install of Moodle 2.
  6. Linking to resource files (PDF, MS Office files, etc.) instead of embedding them.